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The Investment Banking Briefing

Posted on December 2022

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Investment bankers are always highly sought after, and there is no doubt the jobs market is going from strength to strength.

Many professionals are curious about whether their salaries and bonuses match their peers, which is why we have produced the Investment Banking briefing.

Discover our latest salary & bonus guidance in the report, which also includes exclusive survey results from investment banking professionals across the US on the state of the industry, and how they feel about current job opportunities, as well as insights into:

  • The global economy (with dedicated sections for the US, Europe & APAC)

  • Monetary and non-monetary talent retention strategies

  • Booming sectors to know about

  • Sustainable finance & ED&I initiatives

  • The new world of working post-pandemic

Whether you are trying to get the right workforce in place for the years ahead, or looking for a role yourself, the Investment Banking Briefing covers the industry in extensive detail so you know where investment banking is going in the near future, as firms grapple to stay competitive to attract and retain talent.

Without a strong talent pipeline, banks could be at the mercy of having to turn away work, which is why it has never been more important to have the right talent, and be able to attract the talent you need in investment banking.

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