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How to Survive a Marathon Interview Process

Posted on November 2019

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Hiring within the Swiss banking and financial services sector means sourcing the best candidates across the globe who can upkeep the sector’s reputation for world-class customer service and confidence with the latest technologies. This means that hiring decisions need to be smart, and require the input from several stakeholders within an institution.   

Candidates applying for a senior role can be expected to be invited to a day-long interview which involves several rounds of question and answer sessions, possibly mixed with skills and aptitude tests. Though this is a great way for employers to get a 360-view of candidates, and for candidates to learn more about their potential employer, the all-day interview can be an exhausting process for candidates.  

This resource covers how to prepare for and survive a marathon interview process, from what information will help you on the day through to what to take with you which will help you fight fatigue.  

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