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How to Successfully Onboard a New Employee 

Posted on November 2019

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Even the most experienced and successful hire will likely need hand-holding when starting a new role within the Swiss banking and financial services sector. Starting at a new firm and learning new processes and workflows can be overwhelming, and it is the HR manager’s responsibility to create a thorough onboarding process which doesn’t leave your hire feeling adrift.  

Onboarding is more than ticking off a hiring checklist, and a full onboarding cycle can take up to a year as new hires are guided through their long-term aims. Introducing a comprehensive onboarding process leads to successful employee retention and happier new starters.  

This resource provides a guide on how to create a successful onboarding process, including what needs to be covered on an employee’s first day, week and month in their new role, alongside how to successfully gain feedback from new hires to further improve your process.  

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