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How to Resign Your Job and Leave on Good Terms

Posted on November 2019

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Sometimes, getting a new role is the easy part when you are seeking to make a next step in your career within the Swiss banking and financial services sector. The really tricky part is how to approach resigning your current role in a way which ensures you leave on good terms.  

When leaving your role, don’t hand in an official resignation of notice stuffed with complaints and justifications about why you have decided to quit. Instead, take a graceful approach to leaving your current company, thank your employer for the opportunity and ensure that you are leaving a great final impression. This will help maintain your professional reputation within the sector, as tempting as it may be to air your grievances.   

Follow this guide on how to leave your job in a manner which is helpful for your company and ensures you leave the office on your final day on a positive note. 

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