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How to Help a New Employee Relocate

Posted on November 2019

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The Swiss banking and financial services sector prides itself on its world-class customer service and top-tier private banking and wealth management industry. Hiring managers within the sector will often rely on attracting talent from across the globe to maintain competition and introduce valuable skill sets. 

Creative and productive staff members are both your biggest resource and biggest cost, and truly valuable employees will be expecting a competitive employee relocation package to help support their move to Switzerland. These often include a mix of financial and practical support and advice which will take into account elements such as spousal support through to insider guides to city neighbourhoods.  

This guide will outline how to put together a truly competitive employee relocation package which will ensure your new employee starts their new role feeling as little stress as possible, and lowers the risk of losing the initial investment by retaining the employee and protecting the assistance through reimbursement clauses.   

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